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Promotional Products Community
Promotions Industry

Help your customers by giving them a way to manage their group orders online. Since they are using your license, you can oversee all the products being ordered in real-time! And, you can sell any products using any vendors!

  • Your customers can collect sizes and payments online
  • No more waiting for payments or sizes
  • Generate reports to manage all of your customer’s orders

Collegiate Events Community
Collegiate Events

Planning an alumni or other event at your University? Have your alums or students wondered why they didn’t get a t-shirt to commemorate the event and you’ve explained it was too much of a hassle to gather sizes and payments from everyone. We can help you!

  • Create ordering pages with registration
  • Gather sizes and collect payments online
  • Generate exportable reports with all of the event info

Non-Profit Community
Non Profit Events

Tired of dealing with paper forms and gathering checks for golf or other charity events? Are other companies charging you steep prices to accept donations online? Charity events with registrations, donations and merchandise orders can now be managed online at little to no cost!

  • Free pro account for 501(c) organizations
  • Collect donations online for your event for free
  • Collect registration info, orders and payments online

Recreational Center Events Community
Rec Centers

Are your members standing in long lines waiting to register for intramural sports or other events? Are your admins spending their time entering information into spreadsheets rather than helping members? We can help make it all better!

  • Organizational management ability with pro accounts
  • Perfect for any type of event or group order
  • Eliminate paper order forms and manual payments

Event Planners Market Community
Event Planners

Are you a small event planner who can’t afford the investment in expensive event management software? Do you wish there was a system that could manage event registrations plus merchandise orders and that you would only be charged when you used it? We have the solution for you!

  • Standard accounts are perfect and free
  • Gives you the same ability as the big companies
  • Utilize for all your customer’s events

Team Uniform Community
Team Uniforms

Have you spent countless hours gathering names, sizes and payments for team uniforms? Have you had to use multiple vendors and to create multiple spreadsheets to send to those vendors? We have the solution for you and your next order will take less than 7 minutes of your time! We promise!

  • Create uniform order pages for any team sport event
  • Sell any products using any vendors
  • Exportable & customizable reports in real-time

Greek Events Community
Greek Events

Planning for recruitment or an alumni or other event for your fraternity or sorority? Do you and your apparel chair get frustrated with having to track down information and payments for the event? Here is your chance to lead your fraternity or sorority into the future and eliminate all of the headaches!

  • No more hunting people down for sizes
  • Collect money online for all your events with GreekPay
  • Manage data from anywhere, anytime

Racing Events Community

Planning a 5K, mini-triathlon, or other racing event? Have you looked for an online site that allows you to sell merchandise for the race and have you only found event registration sites that sell tickets? We’ve created a solution for you!

  • Setup ordering pages with or without registration
  • Include online liability waivers
  • Sell merchandise and collect payments online

Golf Events Community
Golf Events

How many countless hours have you spent organizing foursomes for your golf tournament and collecting size and other information? Have you ever had to spend money to buy extra golf shirts or other merchandise because it was too difficult to gather all of the information? Wish there was an online solution that allowed you to gather all of this information in one place? Now there is!

  • Online team registration with sponsorships
  • Customizable questions for your events
  • Online ordering with payment & coupon options

Business Events Community
Business Events

Planning a business luncheon or other meeting? Do you need a quick and easy way to find out how many people are registering, if they are bringing guests and whether they have any food allergies or other concerns? Manage all of this and more for little or no cost!

  • If you’re not charging, then it’s free to use
  • Custom questions for your event
  • You can always collect donations for free

School Uniforms Community
School Uniforms

Have parents complained to you about having to go to multiple stores to find the right items for their kid’s school uniforms? Do you want to help them save time and money? We can help you create a one-stop shop!

  • Sell any products using any vendors
  • Collect sizes and payments online
  • Generate reports to manage all of your orders

Athletic Organizations Community
Athletic Organizations

Help your customers by giving them a way to manage their team uniform orders online. Collect names, numbers, sizes and payments for team uniforms in minutes. Recommend us to your customers. Your customers will thank you for it!

  • Create uniform order pages for any team sports event
  • Sell any products using any vendors
  • Exportable and customizable reports in real-time

Community Events Community
Community Events

We love being involved in the community and helping others is part of our DNA. We know the hassles of trying to manage community events, and our application just makes it so much easier for you!

  • Create ordering pages with registration
  • Collect donations for free
  • Increase event revenue with sponsorships

Reunions Community

Catch up with your old friends or family with fun shirts and even team names and numbers for team games!

  • Collect sizes, colors and payments online
  • Use any vendors you wish
  • Generate reports to manage all of your orders

Camps Community

Are you in charge of organizing a summer camp? Need help registering campers, gathering waivers and other information from the campers- from ages to any special needs? Let us help! We’ve got the solution that allows you to do this and so much more!

  • If you’re not charging, then it’s free to use
  • Custom questions for registration or group order pages
  • Generate real-time reports

School Events Community
School Events

Robotics Club, Spanish Club, Pep Club, PTO, etc. Are you in charge of one of these or any of the other organizations at your school? Are you still using paper forms to have people register for events? Is it difficult to collect money for these events? Try us! We can bring order to the chaos!

  • Collect info and payments online
  • Collect donations for free
  • Generate reports to manage all your event info


If you didn’t see a category that fits your needs, don’t stress. We can help you with any upcoming event or group merchandise order.By using evetos to help manage your event life, it helps you not only ease your pains, but also makes your customer’s lives much easier.

  • Free standard accounts, no annual fee
  • Tons of options to help you increase revenue
  • Several ways to collect payments online

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