Marketing Group orders Content is King

Marketing Group Orders and Events No. 1: Content Is King 

Tips to Marketing Group Orders and Events

Hello all. If you are planning and marketing group orders and events, prescription there is a good chance that you are already using some of these tactics to promote and insure that you are a success. I wanted to share some of the ways that will give your efforts a little boost.

“Do you even blog bro? “

Seriously do you blog? Does your group or organization have an active blog? It will benefit you to take advantage of your blog to help marketing group order and events.

The marketing “experts” like to say that “Content is King”. Google is doing its best to back that mantra up. What that means for everyone is the best way to get the word out is to talk, treatment a lot.

Talk in:

  • Your blog
  • Videos
  • Social media channels
  • Email

I recommend you to use the videos and blog articles as content to promote on all of your social media channels and email lists. I have found the more you blog the more often you can post and email your lists. A common practice is to promote a blog post 20 times. Good content is going to give you the fuel to power your campaigns.

Sit down with your team (if you have one) and get everyone to write a few articles about marketing your group orders and events and post them on your blog. If your on your own get to writing, it can almost become like free therapy. Make sure the posts are informative and conversational. Get out the camera and add some pictures and video that helps promote your efforts and post them with the articles. Or you can even post a video alone as a Vlog.

Just make sure whatever you decide, to promote both your blog and vlog like crazy. This is the “content” that social media algorithms and your audience like to see. The Facebook and Twitter “algorithms” give “original content” that is relevant to the audience a considerable organic boost. All audiences like to engage with information and this is your big chance to do just that and offer up something that people will want to read or watch and if you are lucky share with their friends.

“Repeat, Repeat, Repeat”

You should now have some strong content and videos up on your blog that need to get out to your audience. It is the time to start to run your virtual mouth, and do not be afraid to keep talking about your efforts to marketing group orders and events.

The fact is people dip in and out of Social Media like Twitter and Facebook. I do not have enough time or patience to read all the tweets/posts/emails in my stream/feed/inbox and I would be surprised if you or anyone did.

This means you have to go into broken record mode. I do not recommend just repeating the same tweets, posts or emails over and over, that would be a waste of the great analytics tools that you have access to. Best practice is tweaking emails, posts and tweets to say a similar thing and then spreading those out across the day. Even on nights and weekends. This makes sure your content gets seen by as many followers as you can, and helps marketing group orders and event.

“Tweet like a boss”

Twitter can be powerful at generating event sign ups and group sales. I wanted to share with you some ingenious ways to give your Twitter efforts a little boost.

Twitter has great analytics tools and the way you access them is to sign up for Twitter Ad account. Set up all your details like you are going to run a campaign but never launch the campaign as live. You will still have access to informational tools which will help you decide what is working and what is not when you are marketing group orders and event.

In Conclusion

Content can be powerful in driving registrations and sales for events and group orders and other goals you have. You can increases the likelihood of success by learning the tricks of the trade used by marketing “experts”.

Next Time

We will learn about the power of digital advertising to market group orders and events. Even on slimiest of budgets you can use Google’s, Facebook, LinkedIn’s and Twitter’s tools to help achieve your goals

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