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Market Your Fundraising Events:College Pro Tips

Ideas to Help Market Your Fundraising Events, stuff

Is your organization trying to boost your fundraising events? Are you not quite sure how to get people to show up? Check out these ideas that will help you market fundraising events for causes you care about.

Get Baked, search

One of the most common ideas to market fundraising events, is the famous bake sale. Do you know why? Because it works.

People love snacks, especially sweet ones, and your fellow students don’t usually keep a regular eating schedule. So if someone catches them between meals and offers some cookies for $1, they don’t usually pass it up. So turn this bake sale into a marketing event and take the opportunity to talk to people about your cause.

Keys to bake sale success, make sure that you:

  • Position Yourself in a heavy traffic area – The more people that see you, the better.
  • Have change – You don’t want to miss out on a sale because the student only has a $5.
  • Make Snacks that can be eaten on the go – Eating two cookies on the way to class is so much easier than eating a piece of cake.

Cooking With Fire, 

You may be noticing a pattern, college students love food. Some also like competition, so why not combine them into one? Hosting a baking contest, chili cookout, or some other cooking contest is a great way to market your fundraising efforts. Remember to run your mouth about your upcoming fundraising events. Work hard and you could generate some revenue.

  • You can charge entrants a fee and/or charge students to attend and sample the food.
  • People will come out to show that they are the best cook on campus
  • Their friends will come out to support them, and the rest will come for the samples.

Go Ahead and Let the Dogs Out,

Who can resist petting an adorable puppy walking across the quad? Not many.

So gather up all that adorableness in one area and students will follow. Talk to your local rescue and get them to join in this event and have the students bring their pets. Just make sure you have some puppies. Let the cute do the talking and marketing for your fundraising. Hosting a dog show or competition is a great marketing idea to raise awareness and money.

  • Everyone who has a dog believes it is the cutest, smartest, softest, funniest animal around and they want to prove it.
  • By giving them a place to, you will not only draw dog owners, but also students who just want to pet and play with dogs.
  • If your get a rescue involved you can team up to help raise awareness and some extra funds for their cause.

Tis the Season,

Over the course of a year, you will experience each of the seasons and a bunch of holidays so hosting a themed event is a great way to market fundraising events.

Pumpkin Carving – With Halloween around the corner, gather some pumpkins together and have a pumpkin carving fundraiser.

Leaf Diving – Never underestimate how much fun it can be to run at top speed and then dive into a huge pile of leaves.

Snow Play – When it snows, people love to sled, have snowball fights, and make snow sculptures. Charging for snow is difficult with the whole “it usually falls everywhere” thing, but you can offer hot chocolate and s’mores to people who are out in the snow.

All of the above events could have some type of apparel or merchandise to help create a memory. The best way to do this is with technology. Make sure to do your research and pick a winner. We have our favorite.

Hopefully these tips will help your organization reach your goal. Happy planning!

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